Integrating Barcode Scanner in VS Web Project for Mobile Platforms

Client Description

The client approached with a pre-existing web project crafted using Visual Studio 2017, enriched with technologies like JQuery and Bootstrap. Ensuring responsiveness across all platforms, the application is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. The core requirement was the integration of a barcode scanning feature to enhance the application's functionality. In addition to this primary feature, the client sought the incorporation of subtle user-interface elements, like date displays and contextual text overlays, to appear when the camera is active.

Project Details


Seamlessly embed a barcode scanning functionality into a VS web project while ensuring its responsive nature on mobile platforms. Alongside this, enhance user experience with additional on-screen elements during camera activation.

Key Features

  • Barcode Scanning: Implemented an intuitive barcode scanning feature, bolstering the application's usability.
  • Responsive Design: Ensured the seamless operation of the newly integrated features on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • User Interface Enhancements: Added dynamic overlays on the camera screen, such as date displays and contextual text, enhancing the user experience.

Technologies Used

  • Platform: Visual Studio 2017
  • Front-end: JQuery, Bootstrap
  • Feature Integration: Barcode Scanning API

Client's Feedback

"Dejan's contribution to our project has been nothing short of stellar. His expertise and dedication are evident in the quality of work he delivered. It's a privilege to have worked with such a skilled freelancer. Highly recommended! Great job, Dejan!"

My Feedback

"Engaging with this project provided a fascinating challenge that merged advanced feature integration with user experience enhancement. Clear communication and precise requirements from the client made the collaboration smooth. Looking forward to more projects together!"

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