Designing a Comprehensive JavaScript Parser

Client Description

The client envisioned a dynamic and efficient JavaScript parser tailored for arithmetic computations. The parser needed to dissect and interpret variables passed in JSON format, and subsequently apply these variables within expressions, aiming for clarity and simplicity in presentation. An ideal expression, using the variables, would appear like: (a+b) (c[1]+c[2]) * ( + Additionally, integrating conditional statements, e.g., if(a>3,,, was desired. The challenge? This entire functionality had to be housed within a single library, completely free from external dependencies. The overarching goal was to integrate this solution as a plugin for a no-code platform.

Project Details


Craft a standalone JavaScript parser that not only performs arithmetic operations using JSON variables but also understands and executes conditional statements.

Key Features

  • Variable Interpretation: Efficiently parsed and segregated variables passed through JSON, like {a: 5, b:10, c:[3,2,4,2,3], d: { green:10, blue:20}}.
  • Expression Clarity: Created a user-friendly interface, allowing expressions to be easily constructed and interpreted.
  • Conditional Logic Integration: Introduced conditional statements, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of the parser.
  • Zero Dependencies: Ensured the parser remained self-contained, devoid of any external dependencies, making it a perfect fit for the no-code platform.

Technologies Used

  • Language: JavaScript
  • Data Format: JSON

My Feedback

"The project was an intriguing endeavor, aiming to balance complexity with clarity, while adhering to the constraints of standalone functionality. The synergy with the client was perfect, and the fluid communication facilitated the smooth development of this unique tool. I truly valued the challenge and the collaborative spirit of this engagement."

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