Web Data Extraction into Word Document using VB Script

Client Description

The primary objective was to devise a VB script that could be integrated within a Word document. This script was designed to fetch distinct data components from a given website using its URL. The specificity of the data extraction was determined by the starting and ending HTML tags on the website. Upon successful data extraction, the script was then responsible for placing the gathered information into a designated field in the Word document. The idea was initially conceived as a relatively straightforward project, but the addition of the "add-in" feature amplified its scope and complexity.

Project Highlights


Craft a VB script capable of extracting specific web content based on HTML tags and subsequently populating a Word document field with the extracted data.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Data Extraction: The script can target and fetch any text situated between the stipulated starting and ending HTML tags from the given website.
  • Direct Integration into Word: Following data extraction, the script ensures the data is placed into the intended field within the Word document.
  • URL-based Extraction: The extraction process is initiated by providing the website's URL.
  • Add-in Flexibility: Recognizing the scalability of the project, the add-in feature was incorporated to enhance the script's functionality within the Word environment.

Technologies Used

  • VB Script: Leveraged for its adeptness at automating tasks within the Microsoft Office suite.
  • HTML: To define the tags for data extraction from the web page.

My Feedback

Working on this endeavor was an insightful experience. Extracting data based on specific markers from the web and integrating it into a Word document presented its challenges, but overcoming them was truly rewarding. Grateful for the trust placed in me for this task.

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