Automation in Excel: VBA for ODBC Connection Management

Client Description

Mike required an efficient Excel VBA solution to manage ODBC connections within an active workbook. The primary objectives were clear-cut:

  1. Purge all existing ODBC connections in the active workbook.
  2. Dynamically establish ten ODBC connections, referencing connection strings present in a designated sheet. This setup was to be loop-driven, allowing flexibility in increasing the number of connections in the future.
  3. Fetch data through these connections into arrays.
  4. Populate ten new worksheets with the data sourced from these arrays.

Mike emphasized a concise and straightforward approach, eliminating the need for extended cover letters or bids.

Project Details


Implement a VBA automation solution within Excel to efficiently manage ODBC connections and dynamically populate data.

Key Features

  • Dynamic ODBC Management: Eliminate and re-establish ODBC connections as needed.
  • Loop-Driven Connectivity: Ensure scalability by using loop structures for connection establishment.
  • Data Retrieval and Organization: Fetch and structure data seamlessly using arrays.
  • Worksheet Population: Automate the creation of new sheets and the subsequent data insertion process.

Technologies Used

Platform: Microsoft Excel
Programming: VBA

Client's Feedback

"Dejan showcased exceptional proficiency and diligence, delivering everything on time and with precision. Thanks, Dejan!"

My Feedback

"Working with Mike was a delightful experience. His clarity in communication and quick responsiveness facilitated a collaborative effort that saw us complete the project in just under seven hours. The primary goal was to streamline and simplify Excel automation, and together, we achieved that. I eagerly await our next collaboration. Thank you, Mike!"

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