Portfolio - Programs and Sites Done so Far

Here are just some of the works I have successfully completed. A lot of the work I’ve been working on has already started, some have stopped working already, and a lot of them are closed-ended, so I can’t post them here. All the websites I have shown here are linked to dofollow, because I want search engines to see these sites as a signal of quality.

Web presentations

These are the sites I care about.

Desktop programs

All programs and service applications are written for Windows OS.

Evidencija pregleda za dom
Software development, C#, Health Recording Software
  • Service application to communicate with Amazon's Orders for Orders and Products, Delphi
  • Service application for uploading and downloading data from various sites and databases (VB.Net, C # and Delphi)
Bibi ERP
Software upgrades, Delphi, Bibi ERP



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