A Website is the best online marketing tool that you can have, it's non-stop available, and with minimal maintenance costs. My mission is then to help the little ones present themselves well on the www and rank as well as possible on the Google and other's SERPs. And to achieve this I will use Noemstilok (CMS system) which I made myself. Noemstilok is fast, is optimized and has various improvements and functions to keep up with new web requirements. As for the final look of the site, it will be designed according to your request.

Before we start our journey by building on the www, please take a look at all the types of sites that exist and decide which one you would like us to do. Namely, it is very important to be at least well informed about what is being done and who is doing it, before you decide to create a website.

When creating a website, what we will be working on is:

  • quality of web site content,
  • linking web pages using links and according to established hierarchy (homepage, other pages, blog, etc.),
  • inclusion of social networks in the website.

This will keep your site well-positioned on Google and other search engines. Which means more visitors to your website, and that is how the site starts to live, and with that, your business will grow too.

Website Design - How to Get a Website?

Website development involves several stages from the moment of getting acquainted with the subject matter of the website until its commissioning. Here are the key steps required to successfully build your website:

  • Through conversations, we come to know what your real needs are and the purpose of your online presence on the web. I analyze the competition to find out how they do it on Google and learn to be better than them.
  • Before you start creating a website, let's define your brand. Branding is essential for users to recognize your brand once they visit your site and later search for you through the brand name in the search engine.
  • Then comes the actual creation of the site: I design the visible part of the site to suit your requirements, and if necessary, I encode things in the background to enable the special features you requested.
  • While designing the site, I constantly check the quality of the designed pages (w3 validator) and the background code, as well as the speed on Google PageSpeed Insights, all for the sake of reducing the need for updates later and maintaining the quality while creating the website.
  • When the site is finished I upload it to the Web Hosting of your choice and the site becomes operational immediately.
    It is then up to you to take care of the quality of the content of the pages.

If this is enough for you to decide to cooperate send me a message here and emphasize that you are interested in web development or call me on +38163483494.

But if you need even more information about website development, check out my more detailed offer, more about the steps required to install and set up a site, and the content that a site can have.

It isn't just all about the looks of the site ...

Page speed is also one of the key factors to take into account when creating sites, but here speed is already built into the site I offer, so we have less to do here 😃

So the simplicity of the site design, the clean programming code in the background of the site guarantee a quality site. In addition, the design is important, an attractive and beautifully designed site everyone wants to have, though it is not easy to achieve, because design starts from a feeling of being beautiful, which is again a subjective matter for each of us. And a lot of quality content, because only quality content can rank you in search engines. Of course, a web site built on links means that you will need to link everything nicely in order for those linked words to appear in the search engine listing. Website development involves content with a lot of links.

Unlike classic apps (programs), a website is basically the same on a computer and on a mobile device / tablet. I say basically because it can easily adapt to all devices of course, if well programmed.

So if you are a small business, a budget organization or an individual, let me know if we make a good website together

Website development price list

If you're looking for top-tier software developer to hire, look no further!

What I offer:

  • Website Development: Turn your idea into a fully functional website.
  • Mobile App Creation: Reach your audience on every device.
  • Custom Software Solutions: Software tailored to your business needs.
  • Database Management: Ensure your data is structured, secure, and accessible.
  • Consultations: Not sure where to start? Let's discuss the best tech solutions for your goals.

With 20+ years of experience in the tech industry, I've honed my skills to provide only the best for my clients. Let's turn your vision into reality. Contact me today to kick off your next digital project!