Website Speed Optimization

If you want your website to be among the first in the search result then you need a fast one.  Speed is as important as design is, and perhaps more important than it is, because nowadays people do not have so much time and patience to wait for slow pages to open, which is why they run away from those websites even if they are appealing to the eye.

Website speed optimization is a process that involves analyzing the structure and functionality of a website.  The loading speed of all elements of the website is measured and then the results obtained are analyzed.  Then a list of things to optimize is made and we start with the optimization itself.

Depending on the website design technology, it will also depend on how many of the listed items can be optimized.  It will also depend on the time it takes to optimize the speed only.

Website speed optimization is also a developer's job as it requires changes to the program code,u bit is also an administrative job, because it requires adjusting the parameters of the whole system.

 It totally doesn't make sense for the website to be slow because nobody wants it, then why not speed it up?


An hour of the optimization work is 15 EUR, but I'm ready for defining another deal.

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