NoEmStilOK - website as a CMS solution

Why create a new CMS when there are plenty on the market?

To this question, I immediately answered myself: I am a programmer and I like to have extra control over what I do. I will create a CMS that I can upgrade as I want. I will make it a modern Frankenstein and be satisfied with what I am doing.

Noemstilok (CMS) website
Noemstilok (CMS) website

Website for programming

NoEmStilOK is a site for those who don't know how to make websites, and want to learn as well as a site for programming. In it, technically, you can write code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, and you can also do copy/paste of material from other sources.

This website is built out of love for programming. Years of working on other projects and never having the time to do something that is yours. Now is the time for that and that little knowledge - while it can be used (things in programming always change), is built into Noemstilok. And the desire to share it contributes to Noemstilok's life.

I started working on the site in September 2018. I decided to share the site with others, because for me it is a privilege to spend a little of your time on something I have been working on for years.

What is NoEmStilOK made of?

At the time of writing this document on 2022-10-30, the site used the following components:

Server requirements

  • PHP version 7 or 8.0
  • intl extension
  • bcmath extension

What does the site contain?

The site contains pages in the form of files for entering content that will be displayed on the site, lists for special settings that can be changed using the built-in editor, as well as all the programming pages from which this site is composed.

Pages for linking in the main menu

Pages whose content can be managed, changed (home, about us, blog, contact, and 3x10 pages in the group - dropdown menu). These pages are predefined, already made, and physically located where Noemstilok reads and displays them.

News pages (blog)

These pages can be created by entering a slug and pressing the Create button. These pages can also be changed and managed their content. But they are linked on the home and on the news page.

Lists for adjustment

In the workshop section (which is only visible after logging in), there are lists for additional adjustment of the site, here are:

  • Carousel (slider)
  • Site details that are outside the pages
  • General page settings, such as styles, colors
  • Email account settings
  • Site routing


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