From Idea to Implementation: Software Developer Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Dejan Dozet, and I've been immersing myself in the intricate world of software development since 2002. Over two decades of continuous learning and adaptation, I've honed my skills, navigated through the rapid evolutions of technology, and contributed to diverse projects that have reshaped businesses and impacted end-users. From the early days of procedural programming to the current era of sophisticated frameworks and methodologies, my journey has been one of passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment.

As you explore my portfolio, you'll witness the depth and breadth of my expertise. Each project reflects not just my technical prowess, but also my dedication to understanding client needs, envisioning solutions, and crafting code that stands the test of time. Whether you're here to collaborate or just to explore, I invite you to dive into my world of programming and experience the culmination of years of dedication.


Creating a business website

The job that was done here is website creation, and the technologies that were used are: PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. The product I used is Dozet (Powered by Bootstrap) WP theme WordPress theme....
Creating a business website

Enhancing Word Documents with ChatGPT OpenAI API


An innovative Word add-in that uses OpenAI ChatGPT models to enhance text quality paragraph by paragraph, offering customizable AI-driven text improvement directly within Word....

MYSQL Advanced Queries and Procedures for Data Science


To bolster the client's data science application by incorporating MYSQL advanced queries and procedures, thus facilitating deeper insights into vacation rental performance and optimization predictions....

Outlook Custom API-Integrated VSTO Add-in


The project aimed to create an Outlook add-in that facilitates real-time updates and API interactions directly after sending emails, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced data management....

PowerPoint Add-In Allowing Users to Swap Images


The primary objective was to create a VSTO add-in allowing users to swap images in PowerPoint while preserving position and optionally aspect ratio, with an accompanying installer....

Designing a Comprehensive JavaScript Parser


Craft a standalone JavaScript parser that not only performs arithmetic operations using JSON variables but also understands and executes conditional statements....

Folder Monitoring and File Renaming Tool


Develop a reliable software tool that can monitor multiple folders simultaneously, rename files based on specified rules, and shift them to a designated directory....

Sports Statistics Aggregator Software


Create a comprehensive software tool that offers up-to-date statistical data for Football, NBA, and NHL, with data integration and regular automatic updates from a dedicated API....

Automating Excel Price List Formatting with VBA


Develop a VBA solution to transform a vertically structured price list into a horizontally formatted one, accommodating the inconsistency in quantities across items....

Outlook Office Add-in for Email Categorization


Develop a VSTO add-in for Outlook to automate and refine the email categorization process within a shared mailbox, thus enhancing efficiency and reducing manual tasks....

Excel-Powered API Integration


Refine and upgrade the client's script to create an integrated Excel-API tool, optimizing for ease-of-use and efficiency....

Enhancing Word Document Management with VSTO Add-in


The main goal was to create a VSTO add-in that prompts users to save their Word documents at regular intervals, tailored to the needs of environments with complex ERP systems....

FEST Driving School - Website Creation

If you tell me exactly what design you want, you'll get it. The best example is the FEST driving school website for which I received the design, which turned out really nicely...
FEST Driving School - Website Creation

Windows 10 App for Automated File Emailing


Develop a lightweight, efficient, and reliable Windows 10 application to monitor a directory and automatically email new files to a predetermined address....

Creation of website

The internet presentation of is a website created in collaboration with the artist Dragan Babovic. It was done based on NoEmStilOK CMS....
Creation of website

Google Apps Script for Sheets: Data Search and Copy


To develop an efficient Google Apps Script that can search for data across tables and replicate it to a separate sheet, thereby automating a significant part of the client's daily workflow....

Automated Deployment of SQL Server with C#


Design a C# script to automate the deployment of an SQL server developer version, ensure restricted access, and set up a SQL db mail profile....

C# Integration with a Broker's API


Develop an automated C# application to evaluate financial metrics through a broker’s API and subsequently dispatch appropriate orders....

Invoice creation and database entry program

A simple program that uses a Microsoft Access database in the background to store and read data. The goal was to enable data entry, data search, and invoice creation. ...
Invoice creation and database entry program

Quick Windows Text Extractor App


Develop a lightweight and responsive Windows application that can quickly process large text files and extract relevant information based on specified delimiters....

Interactive UI for XML Editing


Develop a web-based interface that integrates seamlessly with the provided XML structure, offering users an intuitive platform to easily modify and save their daily activity data....

Game room application - Windows program

The purpose of this application is to display on the projector the score during a quiz between 2 teams. In addition, there is also a confetti effect and the possibility of showing a live video....
Game room application - Windows program

Outlook Email Tracker using VBA


To create a VBA script for Outlook that offers enhanced email tracking, ensuring accountability and systematic email management....

Windows program - Dormitory review record

Dormitory reviews is a windows app written in C# used for administering reviews regarding moving into student dorms in Belgrade....
Windows program - Dormitory review record

Automated GUI Tool for XML to CSV Conversion


Create a robust GUI-based tool for the automatic conversion of voluminous XML files to CSV and JSON formats while offering efficient file monitoring and handling.... - web shop repair

The internet presentation is a web shop, done in PHP. It is a website of a company from Belgrade that deals with the branding of products. ... - web shop repair - business website creation

The Internet presentation is a business website. It is an Internet presentation of a fire equipment manufacturer from Valjevo.... - business website creation

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