Windows 10 App for Automated File Emailing

Client Description

The client required a utility to automate a task in their workflow: whenever a file, such as a PDF, is added to a specific directory on a user's PC, the file should be automatically emailed to a predefined address. This process had to be completely transparent to the user, except in the event of a sending failure. After successful email transmission, the program needed to either move the file to another designated directory or delete it.

Project Highlights


Develop a lightweight, efficient, and reliable Windows 10 application to monitor a directory and automatically email new files to a predetermined address.

Key Features

  • Directory Monitoring: Continuously watches a specified directory for any new files.
  • Email Automation: Uses Gmail as the email transport system to automatically send the file.
  • Error Handling: Logs any send failures and notifies the user only in the event of a transmission issue.
  • Post-send Actions: Option to move the sent file to another directory or delete it.
  • Auto-start with Windows: Ensures the application launches and runs in the background whenever Windows starts.
  • Configurable Settings: Provides a text file where users can define parameters, such as email account transport details, for easy customization.

Technologies Used

  • C#: Utilized for the core development of the application, offering an efficient and responsive solution.
  • Windows Services: Integrated to ensure the app runs consistently in the background.

Client's Feedback

While the client mentioned, "Just ended up not being a good fit," it was essential to ensure the developed solution met the technical specifications outlined.

My Feedback

While every project presents its unique set of challenges, this task provided an opportunity to develop a utility that streamlined a critical aspect of the client's workflow. Though the client felt the solution wasn't an optimal fit for their broader needs, I believe the technical objectives were successfully achieved.

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