Streamlining Document Management with a Dropbox-Integrated VSTO Add-in

Client Description

The client required a VSTO add-in for Microsoft Outlook, developed to automate the process of converting and handling files from Dropbox. The add-in needed to fetch CSV files from Dropbox, convert them to XLSX format on the user's computer, and perform further data manipulations including exporting specific Excel sheets to PDF. These documents would then be sent to a designated email or shared via SharePoint upon a button click.

Project Highlights


The main goal of this add-in is to streamline the handling of document formats and automate the distribution of files, enhancing workflow efficiency within a corporate environment.

Key Features

  • File Conversion: Automatically converts CSV files from Dropbox to XLSX format on the user's local machine.
  • Data Processing: Extracts data based on specific date criteria, facilitating timely and relevant data management.
  • Document Export: Capable of exporting Excel sheets to PDF, preparing them for distribution.
  • Email and SharePoint Integration: Sends the final documents via email or uploads them to SharePoint, based on user actions.

Technologies Used

  • VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office): Used for integrating the add-in with Microsoft Outlook.
  • C#: Programming language used for developing the add-in.
  • Dropbox API: Utilized for accessing and managing files stored on Dropbox.
  • Outlook and SharePoint: Platforms for sending and sharing the processed documents.

Client's Feedback

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My Feedback

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