Client Description

The task was to implement a dynamic two-step category filter for a WordPress site. The primary requirement was that the selection of the top-level categories in list 1 would dynamically populate list 2 with the corresponding sub-categories. The entire process had to be seamless without a page refresh, making use of either JavaScript or AJAX. Once a sub-category was selected, a 'next' button would redirect the user to a new page displaying the selected category's content. The project had to be executed without any plug-ins and required pure functionality without any specific styling. The children categories would remain hidden until a parent category was chosen.

Project Highlights


To create an interactive, dynamic multi-step category filter for a WordPress site without using plugins.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Loading: Leveraged AJAX to dynamically load the sub-categories based on the chosen parent category.
  • Seamless User Experience: Ensured no page refresh during the filtering process for a smooth user journey.
  • Redirect to Category Page: Once the sub-category was selected, the 'next' button directed the user to a dedicated page with content related to the chosen category.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript: For front-end dynamic interactions.
  • AJAX: Used to fetch and display data seamlessly without page reloads.
  • WordPress: The platform on which the filter was implemented.

My Feedback

James had a clear vision of what he wanted for his WordPress site—a custom multi-step category filter. Although I had experience building this using JavaScript, adapting it for WordPress posed a challenge. However, with James' collaborative approach and understanding, we were able to find an effective solution. He was patient and even suggested ideas to enhance the filter's functionality. Completing this project as envisioned was a rewarding experience, and I am thankful to James for his trust and support. Looking forward to future collaborations!

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