Excel Sheet Customization with Dynamic Data Integration

Client Description

The project revolved around an Excel sheet that required specialized customization. The client needed an efficient way to fetch data from the "data" sheet into the product label details based on the item number. The retrieval method had to ensure the data was directly copied (not just referenced as in VLOOKUP) so that it was editable on the spot. In addition, any modifications made to this data needed to be highlighted with a specific color to easily track changes. Lastly, the "data" sheet had to be hidden, ensuring only the primary sheet was visible to the end-user.

Project Highlights


To create a dynamic and interactive Excel sheet that can seamlessly pull and display data from a hidden "data" sheet while allowing for easy editing and change tracking.

Key Features

  • Direct Data Retrieval: Developed a method to fetch data directly from the "data" sheet, making it editable in the main sheet without relying on VLOOKUP.
  • Change Tracking: Any modifications to the fetched data automatically triggered a cell color change, providing a visual cue for edited data.
  • Data Sheet Concealment: Ensured that the "data" sheet was hidden, allowing for a cleaner and more user-friendly interface.

Technologies Used

  • Excel: Leveraged Excel's advanced functions to create the required interactivity and data retrieval mechanisms.

My Feedback

Jesus G. provided a clear brief which helped in streamlining the customization process for the Excel sheet. The challenge of developing a system that differed from the conventional VLOOKUP method was invigorating. Through collaborative efforts, we accomplished the desired results. I deeply appreciate Jesus G.'s trust in my expertise and am always ready to assist with any future endeavors. Cheers!

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