Client Description

The client needed an SQL stored procedure that would systematically group monthly hospitality revenue data into distinct "seasons". They provided monthly revenue data for properties, structured as:

  • Property 1 - Month 1 - Monthly Revenue $
  • Property 1 - Month 2 - Monthly Revenue $
  • (And so on for subsequent months...)

The challenge was to aggregate and group this data in a way that would efficiently categorize the monthly revenues into respective seasonal figures. The description hinted at more intricate details that weren't explicitly mentioned.

Project Highlights


To design an SQL stored procedure capable of categorizing and aggregating monthly hospitality revenue data into relevant seasonal categories, aiding the client in more advanced and insightful data analysis.

Key Features

  • Data Grouping: Group monthly revenue data from different properties and months into cohesive seasonal blocks.
  • Automated Processing: Ensure the procedure can be run automatically, without manual interference, facilitating ongoing data updates and analysis.
  • Scalable Solution: The stored procedure should be adaptable enough to handle an increase in data inputs, such as additional properties or extended data months.

Technologies Used

  • SQL: The primary language for writing the stored procedure and enabling advanced database queries and processing.

Client's Feedback

The client, David, stated, "Dejan is an invaluable member of our team, working on complex database queries and procedures. We completed the tasks we needed to and will be hiring him again!"

My Feedback

Engaging with David was a genuinely rewarding experience. His profound grasp of database designs greatly contributed to a fluid progression of the project. We dedicated some time to thoroughly discuss the task at hand, ensuring our visions aligned and that the most optimal solution would be employed. I'm deeply grateful for the chance to collaborate and extend my thanks for the smooth project experience.

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