Quick Windows Text Extractor App

Client Description

The client sought an uncomplicated Windows application capable of reading a plain text file, then extracting and writing specific lines into a new document based on a provided delimiter. This utility was to be built with urgency, encompassing several user-friendly features and controls.

Project Highlights


Develop a lightweight and responsive Windows application that can quickly process large text files and extract relevant information based on specified delimiters.

Key Features

  • Config File Flexibility: Application accompanied by a config file, enabling users to:
  • Set a default directory for searching files.
  • Specify the delimiter for extraction purposes.
  • User-friendly Interface: Integrated with a basic Windows Explorer to facilitate seamless file browsing.
  • Real-time Progress Indicators: Embedded a dynamic progress display showing the ongoing status of file reading and subsequent file generation.
  • Delimiter Management: Post consecutive delimiters, the application auto-inserts a space for clarity and formatting.
  • Printing Capability: Introduced a print feature, allowing users to generate a hard copy of the extracted information. This feature includes a printer selection option. Notably, the generated file would not be stored, ensuring data privacy and system storage optimization.

Technologies Used

Windows Application Development: Constructed a streamlined Windows application tailored to perform the client's specific text extraction and processing tasks.
Real-time Monitoring: Incorporated live feedback mechanisms to keep users informed about the app's processing status.

Client's Feedback

The client expressed satisfaction with the delivered solution, commenting, "Thank you for the great work."

My Feedback

It was a challenge to turn this project around in under 48 hours, but I'm pleased we met the timeline without compromising on quality. Looking forward to assisting with similar urgent requirements in the future!

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