Excel-Powered API Integration

Client Description

The client possessed an ID list in Excel and aimed to create an integrated system to effortlessly push these IDs into an API, then retrieve and populate the results back into the same Excel file. While an initial script was already in place, it was constrained by JSON extraction and manual input through PostMan. The requirement? A streamlined solution, user-friendly, which could automate the entire process: reading the IDs, making the API calls, and then updating the Excel file with the received information. The client was open to leveraging various languages for the API call, with a preference for CURL.

Project Details


Refine and upgrade the client's script to create an integrated Excel-API tool, optimizing for ease-of-use and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Excel Integration: Extracted lists of IDs from the Excel sheet, ensuring accurate reads.
  • Automated API Calls: Designed the system to loop through each ID, make corresponding API calls, and gather results seamlessly.
  • Dynamic Excel Updates: Implemented functionality to update the initial Excel file with the data retrieved from the API calls.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Focused on making the system intuitive and straightforward, eliminating the need for manual inputs or complex procedures.

Technologies Used

  • Languages: Preferred CURL for API interactions.
  • Tools: Excel, PostMan

My Feedback

"Engaging with this client was indeed a rewarding experience. Their clarity, responsiveness, and understanding greatly enhanced the project's progression. Always looking forward to more collaborations of this kind!"

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