Streamlining Number Processing with Custom VSTO Add-in in Word

Client Description

The client required enhancements to an existing VSTO add-in for Microsoft Word that interacts with a specialized printing system. The enhancement involved developing a feature to automate the import, processing, and printing of 12-digit numbers using a custom form integrated into Word.

Project Highlights


The primary objective was to streamline the process of loading and printing 12-digit numbers on a specialized Word form, enhancing the efficiency of the client's document handling system.

Key Features

  • Automated Number Processing: Enables the automated import of 12-digit numbers into a Word document and integrates with the existing printing add-in to handle each print request seamlessly.
  • Interactive User Interface: Includes a custom text box where users can paste numbers and initiate processing with a simple start button, making the operation straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Customized Workflow: Accommodates specific user requirements for document formatting and interaction with the specialized printing system, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Technologies Used

  • VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office): Used for enhancing the existing add-in within the Microsoft Word ecosystem.
  • Microsoft Word: The primary application for creating and manipulating the specialized form required for printing.
  • C#: Programming language used for implementing the functionality of the add-in.

Client's Feedback

"Very great dev. Did everything exactly as I wanted and figured it all out. This guy knows what to do and how to get things done. He's now my go-to guy for future dev work!"

My Feedback

"The task was related to the software that I didn't have installed on my machine, but the client was perfect in communication. He was patient enough and always available to help me overcome tricky situations and kept this project going. I would highly recommend him as he made programming as it should be: he brought a task to be solved, gave details, collaborated, made me enjoy coding, and now he will enjoy the automation that we made!"

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