Sports Statistics Aggregator Software

Client Description

The client required a robust desktop software solution capable of sifting through an API to retrieve and display past statistics and results for multiple sports. The primary focus was on Football, NBA Basketball, and NHL Hockey. It was essential that the software autonomously updates itself daily, ensuring the most recent statistics are always accessible. For football, data spanning the last 10 years was required, while for basketball and hockey, the timeline was narrowed down to the last 5 years. A challenge in this project was managing the vast number of football leagues, totaling around 30, and ensuring seamless integration and presentation of their statistics.

Project Highlights


Create a comprehensive software tool that offers up-to-date statistical data for Football, NBA, and NHL, with data integration and regular automatic updates from a dedicated API.

Key Features

  • Multi-sport Coverage: Inclusion of Football, NBA Basketball, and NHL Hockey, ensuring fans and analysts have access to a wide array of sports statistics.
  • Extensive Data Span: Provision of football data for the past decade and 5-year statistics for basketball and hockey.
  • Automatic Daily Updates: Leveraging the software's backend capabilities to ensure statistics remain fresh and updated without user intervention.
  • Diverse Football Leagues: Successful integration of data from approximately 30 different football leagues, ensuring fans have a holistic view of the sport's landscape.

Technologies Used

C#: The core of the software, providing both frontend user interfaces and backend processes.
API Integration: Enabled the software to regularly fetch and update data from the chosen sports database.

My Feedback

I'm incredibly proud of this project, primarily because of the comprehensive nature of the statistics we were able to integrate. Collaborating with sports enthusiasts and seeing the software come to life was immensely satisfying. The project not only demanded technical excellence in terms of software development but also an understanding of how sports fans and analysts interpret data. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to have worked on such a multifaceted project.



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