Integrating EDGE Robot Automation with Excel using Selenium

Client Description

Tasked by Angus to make amendments and enhancements to an existing robotic automation system, the project involved significant tweaks to the "FIRST ROBOT" and the creation of an entirely new "Second Robot". Central to this endeavor was the need to control this automation directly from an Excel add-in. Furthermore, Angus requested the integration of a gear icon for real-time adjustments to operational speed and delay durations between tasks. The main challenge was to extract data from Excel and subsequently submit it through the ESTA Visa Application website.

Project Highlights


Refine the existing robot automation system, introduce a new robot, and ensure seamless integration with Excel, all while enabling user-driven customization.

Key Features

  • Enhanced FIRST ROBOT: Improved upon the initial robot based on specific instructions, adding nuanced features.
  • Second Robot Creation: Developed a new robot with distinct functionalities, ensuring it works cohesively with the first.
  • Excel Integration: Automated data extraction from Excel sheets for the purpose of populating the ESTA Visa Application website.
  • Real-Time Adjustments: Incorporated a gear icon that facilitates on-the-fly modifications to robot execution speed and task delays.
  • Simulated Environment Development: Given the proprietary nature of the client's database, a temporary website was constructed to replicate the platform, ensuring a genuine testbed for robot operations.

Technologies Used

  • VB.Net: The core programming language for the robot automation.
  • Selenium: Utilized for automating and controlling the Edge browser, interfacing with the robots.
  • Microsoft Excel: Used for data extraction, serving as the primary data source for the robots.

My Feedback

Despite the complexities, primarily the need to simulate the environment, the project was deeply engaging. Clear, transparent communication greatly assisted in achieving project success, and I'm always here for any follow-up or further development.

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