Enhancing Calendar Management with Meeting Spacer VSTO Add-in

Client Description

The client required a Microsoft Outlook add-in, developed to manage and automatically insert time buffers around scheduled meetings based on user-defined preferences and calendar categories. This tool aids users in managing their schedules more effectively, especially when transitioning between different tasks or locations.

Project Highlights


The main goal is to enhance calendar management by allowing automatic insertion of spacers before, after, or around meetings, tailored to specific categories, improving time management and daily planning.

Key Features

  • Category-Specific Spacers: Users can set spacers of varying durations for different calendar categories, like 5 minutes before and 10 minutes after for one category, and 15 minutes after for another.
  • Visual Indicators: A color-coded indicator shows the active or inactive status of the add-in, providing at-a-glance feedback.
  • User Control: A button allows users to easily activate or deactivate the spacer functionality.
  • Customizable Runtime: The duration of the spacer tool's operation can be set for specific start and end dates, or set to run indefinitely.

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office): Used for creating the Outlook add-in within the Office suite.
  • C#: Programming language used for implementing the add-in's functionality, chosen for its robustness and integration capabilities with Microsoft products.

Client's Feedback

"great communication, great Work. i can fully recommend him!"

My Feedback

"Completing this task was quite challenging, and it highlighted the ongoing concern about Microsoft's limited focus on Outlook Interoperability. As a result, we were unable to complete all of our planned objectives. Nevertheless, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Andy for his unwavering patience and support throughout the process. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated! Let's hope that our next project proves to be more straightforward and hassle-free."

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