Outlook Email Tracker using VBA

Client Description

The client needed an efficient VBA Script integrated within their Outlook to systematically log all incoming emails. Key functionality includes daily checks to determine the current location of each email, determine if it's been replied to or flagged, and to detect any email that's been deleted.

Project Highlights


To create a VBA script for Outlook that offers enhanced email tracking, ensuring accountability and systematic email management.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Logging: Automatically logs every incoming email, ensuring that no communication is missed.
  • Daily Status Update: Every 24 hours, the script checks the status of each email, including:
    • Current location or folder.
    • Whether the email received a reply.
    • If the email was flagged for further action.
  • Email Integrity Check: In the event an email is missing, the script detects this and provides an alert, ensuring that accidental deletions or misplacements are identified quickly.
  • Automatic Highlights: If an email is detected as deleted or missing, it's automatically highlighted for the user's attention.

Technologies Used

  • VBA for Outlook: Utilized Visual Basic for Applications to seamlessly integrate the email tracker into Outlook, ensuring that it operates efficiently without hampering the user's regular workflow.

My Feedback

Developing this VBA script was an insightful experience. It was essential to ensure that the tool was non-intrusive and didn't disrupt the user's daily activities in Outlook while still providing a comprehensive email tracking solution. Looking forward to creating more such automation tools to enhance workplace productivity.

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