Outlook Office Add-in for Email Categorization

Client Description

The client's shared email inbox, accessed by multiple employees, needed streamlining. Traditionally, an employee would manually forward various emails and sort them into distinct subfolders. For example, an email from Upwork would be placed in an Upwork subfolder. The core requirement was to create a VSTO add-in that automated the process of transferring emails from an initial subfolder to a designated "Processed" subfolder.

Project Highlights


Develop a VSTO add-in for Outlook to automate and refine the email categorization process within a shared mailbox, thus enhancing efficiency and reducing manual tasks.

Key Features

  • Folder Monitoring: Using the VSTO add-in, ensure constant monitoring of the shared inbox's primary subfolder for any changes.
  • Email Movement Automation: Once an employee moves an email to the "Processed" folder, the add-in activates predefined actions automatically.
  • Categorization: Harness the VSTO add-in to automate the categorization of emails into specific subfolders based on their content or sender.
  • Seamless Integration: The add-in smoothly blends into the existing email workflow, offering users an intuitive and hassle-free experience.

Technologies Used

  • Outlook VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) Add-in in C#: Developed a custom VSTO add-in using C# to enhance Outlook's capabilities and offer real-time email monitoring and automation.
  • Email Monitoring: Embedded features in the add-in to immediately detect when emails are relocated between folders.

Client's Feedback

No feedback received.

My Feedback:

"It was a pleasure working with Nate. Despite his packed schedule, he maintained open lines of communication and consistently provided feedback, an essential component when creating custom solutions. Thanks for the opportunity, Nate. I look forward to our potential future collaborations!"

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