Automating Excel Price List Formatting with VBA

Client Description

The client possessed an extensive price list, structured with varying quantities displayed in a vertical format, where each line represented a different quantity. This setup posed a challenge, especially since some items had multiple price points based on quantities, while others presented just one. The client's partner expressed a preference for a horizontal display – translating to a column for each quantity. Recognizing the lack of a consistent pattern across items, there was a clear need for a dynamic solution. The goal was to devise an automated process using VBA to reformat this list efficiently.

Project Details


Develop a VBA solution to transform a vertically structured price list into a horizontally formatted one, accommodating the inconsistency in quantities across items.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Formatting: Crafted a VBA script to discern the varying number of price points per item and adjust the display accordingly.
  • Horizontal Display: Reorganized the price list to present each quantity as a separate column, fulfilling the partner's requirement.
  • Flexibility: Ensured the solution was adaptable, catering to items with a single price point or multiple price points.

Technologies Used

  • Platform: Microsoft Excel
  • Programming: VBA

My Feedback

"Engaging with this project was a rewarding experience. The challenge lay not just in the technical execution, but in ensuring the solution was intuitive and user-friendly. I appreciate the trust the client placed in me and am grateful for the collaboration and time spent on this project. Here's to more endeavors in the future!"

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