Implementing LocalStorage for an HTML5 Form

Client Description

The client had an HTML5 web form in use and needed a way to enhance its user experience. They aimed to capture and store information from two specific fields in the form using either cookies or LocalStorage. If this information had previously been stored, they wanted it to be automatically retrieved and filled into the respective fields upon subsequent visits to the page. While the client believed that the original form might have been already using LocalStorage in some capacity, they were not certain of its current functionality.

Project Highlights


Refine the user experience by ensuring specific data inputs from the form are stored and retrieved seamlessly on subsequent visits.

Key Features

  • LocalStorage Integration: Ensured that the two specified fields' data were efficiently stored using LocalStorage after being entered into the form.
  • Auto-fill Functionality: Implemented a check on page visit to detect if data exists in LocalStorage and then auto-filled the respective fields accordingly.
  • Optimized Data Retrieval: Made certain that data retrieval was both rapid and accurate, ensuring no lags or inaccuracies in the form's performance.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript: Central to the functionality, it was utilized to manage the data handling process for storing and retrieving from LocalStorage.
  • HTML5: The foundation of the web form.

Client's Feedback

The client was highly satisfied, noting my timely response and effective problem-solving skills. They stated: "He did a great job in solving the issue and was very responsive and quick."

My Feedback

Working alongside Phil was a rewarding experience. The project, although seemingly straightforward, required attention to detail, particularly in ensuring that data storage and retrieval processes were both effective and efficient. I am pleased to have been able to assist in refining the user experience for their web form. Thanks to Phil for the collaboration!

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