Google Apps Script for Sheets: Data Search and Copy

Client Description

The client required a Google Apps Script to search and replicate data across three tables within a single Google Sheets document. The Google Sheet consisted of three distinct sheets:

  1. Sheet 1: This was the primary table. Its rows are dynamic, and the client manually adds new rows. While the columns remain constant, the number of rows fluctuates between 2,500 and 3,500.
  2. Sheet 2: This sheet contains data that needs to be located within Sheet 1. The client adds new rows to this sheet daily. Its columns, which differ from Sheet 1, remain fixed.
  3. Sheet 3: This sheet is populated with data from Sheet 1 based on search criteria from Sheet 2.

Project Highlights


To develop an efficient Google Apps Script that can search for data across tables and replicate it to a separate sheet, thereby automating a significant part of the client's daily workflow.

Key Features

Dynamic Data Search: The script needed to locate data from Sheet 2 within the larger Sheet 1.
Data Replication: Based on the search results, the script would then replicate relevant data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 3.
Automation: With fluctuating row counts, the script had to adapt to the changing number of entries and ensure data consistency.

Technologies Used

Google Apps Script: The primary tool used to automate the data search and replication tasks within Google Sheets.

Client's Feedback:

Predrag expressed his satisfaction with the project's outcome, stating, "Everything went well. Actually, it was perfect. I highly recommend Dejan."

My Feedback:

Working with Predrag was a rewarding experience. He presented this intriguing task, and I was honored to be selected to fulfill it. I completed the assignment within the stipulated timeframe, leading to mutual satisfaction. I would highly recommend Predrag as a client and remain at his service for future endeavors.

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