Barcode Scan Integration for EZCAD 3 Laser Marking in C#

Client Description

The project entailed a redevelopment of an existing application integrated with the EZCAD 3 laser software. This application, originally written in C#, was redesigned to enhance its functionality and streamline its operation. A central feature was the implementation of a multi-step process where users can scan barcodes, receive information and confirmations, and subsequently interact with text fields informed by the scanned barcode.

Project Details


Redevelop and enhance a C# application for EZCAD 3, focusing on barcode scanning and subsequent user interactions.

Key Features

  • Multi-Step User Interaction: Developed a sequence of screens facilitating barcode scanning, user confirmations, and editing functionalities.
  • Barcode Driven Functionality: On scanning a barcode, the application reveals specific text fields and previews pertinent to the scanned item.
  • Safety Integration: Designed a feature where, post-confirmation, the software signals the closing of a door, ensuring safe operation.
  • Editable Fields: Based on the scanned barcode, users are provided with a predefined number of text fields they can edit to customize their laser marking details.
  • Final Notification & Confirmation: Before proceeding with the laser marking, users receive a final notification and have to confirm their input to ensure accuracy.

Technologies Used

  • C#: The primary language of development, leveraging its capabilities to ensure a smooth and efficient application.
  • EZCAD 3 SDK: The project necessitated a deep understanding of the EZCAD 3 laser software SDK to integrate all required functionalities seamlessly.


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