Client Description

The client sought to create a C# application, which would utilize simple loops to continuously monitor specific financial parameters via a broker's API. The ultimate goal was to use this data to determine when and what kind of orders to dispatch using the same API. With a foundational knowledge in C, but lacking expertise in C#, the client's team of three was in search of someone proficient in C# and with potential familiarity in integrating broker APIs. The core deliverable was a functional C# code snippet, crafted in a way that its operations could easily be started and stopped, integrating seamlessly with the broker’s API.

Project Details


Develop an automated C# application to evaluate financial metrics through a broker’s API and subsequently dispatch appropriate orders.

Key Features

  • Automated Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of vital financial metrics.
  • Dynamic Order Dispatch: Condition-based automatic order placement using broker's API.
  • User-Control Interface: Simple mechanism for users to start and stop the monitoring and order placement process.
  • Intuitive Design: While the client's team had experience with C, the tool was created in an intuitive manner for easy adaptation to C#.
  • Interactive Development: Real-time shared screen sessions for code discussion and improvement.
  • Milestone-Based Approach: Project was segmented into five distinct milestones for clarity and efficient execution.

Technologies Used

  • Programming Language: C#
  • Integration: Broker’s API
  • Collaboration Tools: Screen sharing and real-time coding sessions

Client's Feedback

"Dejan is without a doubt a master of his craft. He didn't merely assist in our project; he elevated it. The journey from inception to completion was littered with uncertainties, yet Dejan steered us through with unmatched proficiency and patience. His communication was consistent, constructive, and crucial to our project's success. I wholeheartedly recommend Dejan and hope to collaborate with him in the future. His commitment is unparalleled - a true professional. A huge thank you for everything!"

My Feedback:

"Working alongside Chris was a refreshing experience. His meticulous planning, articulated through five well-defined milestones, provided a crystal-clear roadmap for the project. Our real-time collaboration sessions were not only productive but genuinely enjoyable, often accompanied by shared music playlists. It's rare to find clients who understand that while delivering exceptional work is the goal, enjoying the journey is equally important. Kudos to Chris for making this project memorable and delightful! Eagerly awaiting our next collaboration, Chris. Cheers!"

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