Please check, on the pages linked below, for the more details about the services covered by this price list.

All prices are shown in EUR, the date of setting the price list is 2021-02-20.

  • Price of developing a website: 20 EUR / hour
  • Desktop application programming cost: 20 EUR / hour
  • Search engine optimization (google) price: 20 EUR / hour
  • Database programming (MSSQL): 30 EUR / hour

Software price list

  • Price per site / CMS NoEmStilOK: free!
  • Price of the program for changing the name of the photo: free!
  • Price of the program for monitoring the change of external IP address: free!

Billing and collection process

When we talk and agree upon the job, I will give you an estimate of the duration of the job, and I will measure the hourly rate with a special program. At the end of each day, I will send you a report on what was done that day, the schedule for that day, and the total time spent on the project. We generally agree on the payment before the start of the project. I think it is best that the first payment is at the end of the first week of work, and later we can organize them after the end of the project or on a monthly basis. If there are any delays in the process, I will contact you, because I do not want you to suffer financially.

Accepted payments

  1. Via Payoneer service
  2. Direct bank transfer

In both cases, I will send you the instruction on how to make payment.

In addition to this, I am ready for an agreement, you are certainly welcome to call me.