Client Description

The client required a software solution capable of monitoring at least 10 folders/files simultaneously. The core functionality was centered on renaming files according to a specific set of rules and then either moving or copying them to a designated folder.

For instance, a file located at D:\EME\RAW named emerging-samples-2021-12-16_0500.tar.gz should be moved to D:\EME\FEED and be renamed to follow the format BINARIES-2021-12-16-HHMMSS.tar.gz. Here, HHMMSS signifies the exact time the file was added to the RAW folder.

Project Highlights


Develop a reliable software tool that can monitor multiple folders simultaneously, rename files based on specified rules, and shift them to a designated directory.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous Monitoring: Watches over up to 10 folders/files at the same time for changes.
  • Dynamic File Renaming: Ability to rename files by incorporating the exact timestamp of when they were added to the source directory.
  • File Relocation: Moves or copies files to a predetermined folder post-renaming.
  • Intuitive Interface: While the focus was on functionality over aesthetics, the tool was designed to be straightforward for ease of use.

Technologies Used

  • C#: The principal language used in the development and execution of the software.
  • File System Monitoring: Techniques for accurate and real-time folder and file surveillance.
  • Timestamp Integration: Ensuring the precise time is integrated into the renamed file.

My Feedback:

It was a pleasure working on this task. Designing a tool that could seamlessly integrate with the file system, pick up on changes, and execute renaming tasks in real-time was a fulfilling experience. Thank you for trusting me with this responsibility, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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