Developing a Webservice with a Structured URI for Efficient Bill Management

Client Description

The project centered on the design and development of a webservice to serve billing processes between partner services. This collaborative approach required the establishment of a specific and structured URI to ensure streamlined communications and data interchange between different companies. The URI was meticulously crafted to align with the desired path: /v1/bill-management/bills, culminating in a full link example as https://host/Reabo.asmx/v1/bill-management/bills.

Project Details


To create a webservice that adopts a predefined and structured URI, ensuring seamless billing management between partner companies.

Key Features

  • Structured URI: Designed and incorporated the URI /v1/bill-management/bills to serve as the primary resource access point.
  • Partner Collaboration: The webservice was intended to allow effective collaboration between the billing service and partner services, standardizing their interaction through the defined URI.
  • Security and Performance: While the URI was explicitly structured, the emphasis was also on ensuring the security and optimal performance of the webservice.
  • Seamless Integration: The design was tailored to ensure easy integration into existing systems, ensuring continuity and efficiency in bill management processes.

Technologies Used:

Web Services: Implemented using the best practices to guarantee stability, security, and scalability.
Structured URI Design: A methodical approach to URI design to facilitate ease of use and integration.

Client's Feedback:

"Exceptional work! The webservice functions seamlessly, and the structured URI adds to its efficacy."

My Feedback:

"Always a joy working with Reg. Clear communication, prompt feedback, and mutual respect define our collaborations. I'm here whenever you need more assistance, Reg."


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