Client Description

The requirement was for a tailor-made C# script capable of silently deploying the SQL server developer version. This script also needed to facilitate the activation of the SQL server agent and the formation of a SQL db mail profile. An essential aspect of this server was that it should be accessible solely through a singular SQL authentication, with SMTP credentials to be supplied subsequently.

Project Highlights


Design a C# script to automate the deployment of an SQL server developer version, ensure restricted access, and set up a SQL db mail profile.

Key Features

  • Silent Deployment: The script facilitates the discreet setup of the SQL server developer version, ensuring seamless backend operations.
  • SQL Server Agent Activation: Automatic activation of the SQL server agent upon deployment.
  • SQL db Mail Profile Creation: Generates a dedicated SQL db mail profile post-deployment.
  • Restricted Access: Ensures the server is only accessible via a singular SQL authentication, enhancing security measures.
  • SMTP Credentials Integration: Although the SMTP credentials were to be provided later, the script is structured to accommodate their seamless incorporation when available.

Technologies Used

  • C#: The backbone of the script, employed for its robustness and flexibility.
  • SQL Server: The targeted platform for deployment, tailored to suit the client's specific operational needs.

My Feedback:

Working on this project was a lesson in precision and adaptability. The aim was to create a solution that not only met the client's specifications but was also versatile enough to accommodate future adjustments, like the later inclusion of SMTP credentials.

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