DLL Development for GoChipNow Payment Gateway Initialization

Client Description

The client, Curtis, required a DLL capable of connecting to and initializing a payment gateway. They provided the commercial SDK that incorporated the source code for a Windows-based application performing the desired functions. The key task was to replicate the functionalities, particularly the "Setup and Authenticate" process, into a DLL for more seamless and efficient integration.

Project Details


Develop a DLL that can effectively connect and initialize the GoChipNow payment gateway using the provided SDK and high-level instructions.

Key Features

  • Gateway Initialization: The DLL was specifically tailored to set up and authenticate the payment gateway, ensuring secure and reliable payment transactions.
  • SDK Utilization: Leveraged the commercial SDK provided by the client, which consisted of a source code for a Windows graphical app, to extract essential functionalities and embed them into the DLL.
  • Config File Integration: Implemented features to utilize a payconfig file that users can place in the project folder for more straightforward gateway configurations.
  • Terminal ID Update: Designed a provision within the DLL to allow users to update the Terminal ID to customize and ensure gateway initialization is tailored to the specific terminal.

Technologies Used

  • DLL Development: Leveraged modern programming practices to create a dynamic link library to serve the client's needs efficiently.
  • GoChipNow SDK: Utilized the SDK provided to embed essential functionalities related to the payment gateway within the DLL.

My Feedback

It was a genuine pleasure collaborating with Curtis on this project. While we faced a unique challenge, the guidance and resources provided made the task more manageable. Should you have any more requirements in the future, Curtis, I'm always here to assist.

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