Client Description

The client utilizes Outlook Calendars extensively for job tracking and reporting. As a part of their workflow, users update job status through forms and also drag and drop various file types like PDFs, JPGs, Word documents, emails, etc., directly into the Calendar Form. However, this method of direct file insertion was causing complications. To streamline and make the process efficient, they needed a VBA script that could automatically save these dragged files to a specific network drive and replace the inserted file in the form with a direct hyperlink pointing to the saved file.

Project Highlights


Develop a VBA script for Outlook to enhance the file management process within Calendar Forms, ensuring saved files' easy access while preventing potential issues from direct file insertions.

Key Features

  • Automated File Detection: The script identifies when a user drags and drops a file into the Calendar Form.
  • Dynamic File Saving: Upon detecting a file insertion, the script automatically saves the file to a predefined network drive.
  • Hyperlink Generation: The direct file insertion in the form is replaced with a hyperlink pointing to the saved file on the network drive.
  • Custom Folder Naming: To keep files organized, folders are created based on certain criteria, ensuring ease of access and retrieval.

Technologies Used

  • VBA for Outlook: The primary technology used to achieve the desired functionality seamlessly within Outlook.

My Feedback

Working on this project was quite intriguing, especially considering the unique requirements of the client. The main challenge was to ensure the VBA script runs efficiently without disrupting the user's regular interaction with the Outlook Calendar Forms. It was satisfying to provide a solution that not only streamlined the file management process but also enhanced user experience and efficiency in their job tracking tasks.

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