VSTO Addin Development for Image Resizing in MS Word

Client Description

Francine was looking for a streamlined solution to automate the process of resizing and aligning images in MS Word reports. While her initial request was a macro, the project evolved into a VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) plugin tailored to ensure all images in a document were resized to 100%, set with a wrapping style of top and bottom, and aligned both horizontally at the center and vertically at the top line.

Project Details


To create a VSTO plugin that automates the task of adjusting images in MS Word, making the report generation process more efficient.

Key Features

Image Resizing: Automatic adjustment of all images to 100% of their original size.
Wrapping Style Setting: Ensured all images had a wrapping style set to both the top and bottom.
Image Alignment: Aligned images to the center of the page horizontally and to the top line vertically.
User-Friendly Interface: The plugin was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to apply the image adjustments with a single click.

Technologies Used

VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office): Leveraged VSTO to create an Office-centric .NET application.
Microsoft Word Integration: Ensured seamless integration with MS Word for optimal performance and user experience.

Client's Feedback

"Dejan was excellent to work with. Took the time to understand my requirements and created a solution. Very happy."

My Feedback

"Francine's clear instructions, including text, images, and even a video, made this project straightforward and enjoyable. The transition from a macro to a VSTO plugin ensured a more robust solution. It was a pleasure working with Francine, and I look forward to any future collaborations."

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