RAD Embarcadero Delphi Pascal - Webservices API Integration

Client Description

The client specified the need for a straightforward desktop application developed in RAD Embarcadero Delphi Pascal. They were insistent on receiving the source codes. The application's primary features involved:

  1. Establishing a connection to a specified Webservices URL.
  2. Integrating buttons for login and logout.
  3. Implementing text fields designated for username and password.
  4. Handling a session ID, which was crucial for executing two specific functions: 'GetPeopleCount' and 'Guestsearch' (using the guest's last name).
  5. Integrating a button named 'GetPeopleCount.' This button, upon activation, would log both the date and time of the call as well as its reception. All results, including potential errors, would be documented in a text file.
  6. The inclusion of a button titled 'search guest,' paired with a text field, would facilitate the input of a guest's last name. There were additional details that extended beyond the provided description.

Project Highlights


To design a user-friendly desktop application in RAD Embarcadero Delphi Pascal that interfaces seamlessly with a Webservices API. This would allow users to perform various operations, including guest searches and tracking people count, with results and errors systematically saved.

Key Features

  • API Connection: A steadfast connection to the Webservices URL.
  • User Interface: Clear and easy-to-use buttons for login, logout, guest searching, and retrieving the people count.
  • Data Logging: Comprehensive logging of activity dates, times, results, and errors into a designated text file.
  • Guest Search Function: Enables search based on guest's last name.
  • Source Code Delivery: Ensuring the client has complete access to the application's source code.

Technologies Used

  • RAD Embarcadero Delphi Pascal: The primary development tool for creating the desktop application and achieving seamless Webservices API integration.

My Feedback

It was a pleasure working on this Delphi project. Collaborating with Vasile was smooth and efficient. He proved to be an excellent partner throughout the development process, and I am grateful for the experience.

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