Automated GUI Tool for XML to CSV Conversion

Client Description

The task at hand was to engineer a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that could automatically convert extensive XML files into CSV or JSON formats. This tool had specific requirements:

  • Automated Folder Monitoring: Keep a consistent check on one or several folders for any new XML files. This encompasses XML files being added or relocated from any source.
  • Instantaneous Conversion: Depending on preset choices, XML files would be converted automatically to either CSV or JSON formats.
  • Smart File Management: Upon successful processing, an XML file would be moved to a "Processed" folder. Conversely, damaged XML files were to be directed to a "Damage" folder.

Project Highlights


Create a robust GUI-based tool for the automatic conversion of voluminous XML files to CSV and JSON formats while offering efficient file monitoring and handling.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Folder Surveillance: Continuous and accurate monitoring of chosen folders to detect and process new XML files.
  • Flexible Format Conversion: Allows users to easily switch between CSV or JSON output formats.
  • Efficient File Handling: After processing, XML files are sorted and moved to the relevant folders, ensuring a streamlined workflow.
  • User-friendly Interface: The design prioritizes user experience, ensuring simplicity and clarity.

Technologies Used:

  • C#: The primary language used in developing the application.
  • GUI Design: Ensuring an intuitive interface.
  • XML, CSV, JSON: Essential for seamless format conversion.

Client's Feedback

While Avinash acknowledged the effort and appreciated the final tool, the journey to the finished product was punctuated with iterative revisions and alterations, highlighting the evolving nature of client requirements.

My Feedback

Working with Avinash was a valuable experience. The project was marked by frequent adjustments, demanding a flexible and adaptive approach. Despite the challenges, it was an opportunity to refine the tool to match evolving specifications. Every project has its hurdles, and this one strengthened my resolve and adaptability as a developer. Looking forward to future collaborations, with the insights from this project enriching forthcoming endeavors.

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