Free web hosting and free domain, where to find them?

We all know that WordPress is free, as are many other web solutions, but how do we put that "free" solution on the internet when domain and web hosting are charged?

Most of the links on Google will tell you that everything behind their link is really free, and then when you go there, you'll see how that "free" turns into "cheap," which, you'll agree, is a huge difference.

However, there are sites that truly offer free solutions. One such site is

It's enough to choose the free hosting service on their site, register, and then you'll have the option to add one free domain. However, be careful, because as far as I can see, Google recognizes the backlink from that domain as

It's Free! - Photo by William White on Unsplash

The next site is, like the previous one, it has completely free hosting. You'll have to pay for the domain, but not for the hosting. I have experience with them, they don't have cPanel but have their own solution, so you won't have too many options available, but hey! This hosting is free!

Really valuable, I recommend it.

If you're not satisfied with free hosting, then I recommend paid hosting at

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