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Today, in the era of ubiquitous internet and web applications running in browsers, classic (desktop) applications still retain their importance. If you are not familiar with programming, I suggest reading the article on Wikipedia about programming to gain a basic understanding of the process and scope. Also, take a look at some of my previous works and get acquainted with my programming knowledge.

The Advantage of Classic Applications

The advantages of classic applications include reliability, security, and speed of operation. Because of their independence from internet connections, classic applications are always available on your computer. Also, since they do not have to be exposed to the internet, they are often safer than web presentations. Speed of operation is another advantage, as classic applications often use local networks and resources, making them faster than web applications.

What Classic Applications Are Mainly Made Today?

Today, classic applications such as accounting software, ERP systems, file manipulation programs, and service (background) applications that run in the background of a computer system are mainly developed.

Time Required for Development

The time required to develop a classic application is usually shorter than the time needed to develop a web application of the same type. The reason for this is the independence of classic applications from other services required for their operation.

Application Development Process

If you want me to develop an application for you, first send me as much information as possible about your needs, drawings, similar applications, and details. Programming is a very precise job, so the more information I get, the better I will understand your vision and provide you with the best possible solution.

Once I receive all the information, I will make a work plan, estimate the time required for the application development, and start working. The application development includes the following steps:

  1. Creating a project in the chosen programming language and creating the main form, as well as the login form (if necessary)
  2. System parameters configuration and their loading into the program
  3. Creating a database (local or networked)
  4. Developing the main application window
  5. Developing other windows

Application windows, in case the application is used for database access, include the following:

  1. Panels for grouping and separating controls (buttons, lists, etc.)
  2. Menus, top as well as on controls
  3. Lists for data display, through which it is determined which data will be changed or deleted
  4. Buttons for data recording actions, etc.

During the application development, I will regularly send you reports on progress and plans for the next period. Also, we will be in contact for additional information and discussions about the project.

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