Dozet (Powered by Bootstrap) WP Theme

Custom WordPress Theme, Created for Individual Projects

Custom WordPress Theme, Created for Individual Projects

Developed from scratch, this theme provides a foundation for fast, efficient, and attractive websites, with easy customization for each project.

Truly unique, this WordPress theme is designed with a specific purpose: to facilitate the creation of custom websites for the specific needs of clients. From me, Dejan Dozet, it was created to serve as a robust foundation allowing for quick and easy customization for each project. The theme is developed with the mission to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency, without compromising on performance and aesthetics. Equipped with all the necessary tools for efficient content sorting and image management, it enables you to realize the website you've always wanted - attractive, fast, and functional, just to your specifications.

  • Sortable Post Types: Supports custom sortable post types including testimonials, features, and products, allowing for organized and flexible content management.
  • Advanced Sorting Capability: Enhances content management with a customizable 'Sort Order' feature for posts. Users can easily define the display order in listings through a simple input field. This intuitive system supports automatic sorting on both the frontend and admin side, ensuring a streamlined content organization and improved user experience.
  • Social Media Integration: Includes built-in support for major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, enabling seamless social connectivity.
  • Localization and Translation Ready: The theme is prepared for translation, making it accessible to a global audience with support for localization files located in the /languages/ directory.
  • Advanced Theme Customization: Offers extensive customization options, including page templates, custom logos (with flexible dimensions), post thumbnails, and navigation menus for both primary and footer menu locations.
  • Enhanced Media and Content Support: Supports various post formats (like gallery, video, audio) and HTML5 markup for search forms, comment lists, galleries, and more, ensuring modern, responsive design elements.
  • Custom Font Management: Provides enhanced support for custom font uploads, allowing users to upload fonts in various formats (TTF, WOFF, OTF, WOFF2) directly through the theme. Features include a secure font upload system and an option to delete custom fonts, facilitating easy customization of the website's typography to fit the brand identity.
  • Contact Page Email Settings: Offers a comprehensive settings page for managing email functionalities associated with the contact page. Users can configure SMTP settings for email delivery, including host, port, and credentials. Additional settings allow specifying the recipient's details (To, CC, BCC addresses) and customizing the email content, ensuring flexible and secure email communication directly from within the theme.
  • Optimized Performance and SEO: Includes features for inline CSS and JavaScript, minimizing external HTTP requests for faster loading times, and enhanced SEO with custom meta descriptions, lazy loading for images, and SMTP settings for email deliverability.
  • Lazy Loading for Featured Images: Implements lazy loading for featured images across all post types to enhance page load speeds and improve overall website performance. A dedicated meta box in the post editor allows users to easily enable or disable lazy loading on a per-post basis, offering greater control over how images are handled and displayed.
  • Multiple Featured Images: Introduces support for multiple featured images for products, enabling the creation of dynamic image carousels on product pages. This feature enhances visual presentation and user engagement by allowing visitors to view various aspects of a product through a smoothly integrated image carousel.
  • Comprehensive Post Type Support: Custom post types for products, testimonials, features, and hero sections with dedicated admin interfaces and customization options, including custom fields for specific functionalities.
  • E-commerce and Payment Integration: Special integration for checkout pages with support for PayPal SDK for secure and convenient online transactions.
  • Admin and User Experience Enhancements: Admin panel customization with Bootstrap 5 framework for a unified and responsive backend experience, and frontend optimizations such as deregistering unnecessary scripts for non-admin users for improved performance.
  • Developer and Customization Tools: Offers a variety of developer tools, including actions and filters for extending theme functionalities, custom HTML page support through shortcodes, and multiple featured images for posts.
  • Accessibility and Web Standards Compliance: Ensures accessibility and compliance with web standards, including SVG support for modern, scalable icons and responsive image handling for all devices.
  • Additional Functionalities: Includes a range of other features like custom post type registration for a more structured and organized content management system, taxonomy registration for products, and the exclusion of specific content from sitemaps for better SEO management.

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